About Us


Serving LA and Orange County since 2000, Castagna Awnings has remained personal and professional with all of their customers. Pedro Castagna has over twenty years experience in the awning industry; with certification from Somfy Motors as well as SeaShell Awnings, Pedro is your go-to-guy for all your awning needs. In addition his wife, Jill, has become an expert in fabrics and applications over the last ten years.

"What can I say... we get into it! We are truly passionate about every project we take on. We care and it shows. Looking back on all our hard work, we are proud of our success. Looking forward to years ahead we are excited. Our industry has grown tremendously. Awnings, Canopies, Drop Shades are the way of the future. Saving energy is real. Blocking harsh UV rays, protecting our valuables from rain, advertising your business, or creating privacy. Which one are you looking for? Let us guide you with our experience and knowledge."

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