NuImage Awnings - We are happy to offer such a quality product.
These awnings come in multiple styles meeting every application out there.
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NuImage Awnings

NuImage Awnings

SeaShell Awnings - Introducing the latest in shade concepts. Castagna Awnings is an authorized dealer and installer. For more information visit

SeaShell Awnings

Sunbrella Fabric - The best awning fabric on the market today. We love this product and highly recommend it to all our customers. Visit for color selections and details.

Sunbrella Fabric

Somfy Systems - Certified technician in Somfy technology. Motorized retractable awnings and shades with RTS (remote control) are the way of the future. Somfy also offers wireless wind sensors and sun sensors. For more information visit

Somfy Systems

Retractable Awnings - To create shade for your patio. Motorized or manual. Ideal for protecting your interior from UV rays. Reduces glare for watching TV. Great for entertaining and enjoying your outdoor living space.

Retractable Awnings

Stationary Awnings - Practical to protect doors and windows from the rain and sun. Attractive to enhance the appearance of your home or business. Created in many shapes and styles.

Stationary Awnings

Mediterranean Awnings - Mediterranean awnings have become very popular. Complimenting existing wrought iron accents. Spear/scroll awnings can add charm and creates a nice ambiance to your home or business.

Stationary Awnings

Sunscreens - The perfect solution for inside and out. We offer sunscreens in 90% - 120% UV protection without losing your view. In a variety of colors to match your mood. Motorized or manual. Clean and simple.


Panels with Cable Wires - Perfect application for those of you with an existing patio cover. We can install panels with cable wires to create more shade when needed. We can also use sunscreen fabric to cover the patio cover as well.

Panels with Cable Wires